Scheduled and Interim Servicing for all Makes and Models

At Germantech, we principally focus on car servicing and maintenance for major German marques such as the Audi, the VW and the BMW ranges. However, we’re here to help all motorists in the South West London area save money on their annual motoring costs. That’s why we also offer servicing packages for all other vehicle makes and models.

Unlike dealerships, we operate independently. This means we can undertake car servicing and repair work without having to swallow the costs of glitzy showrooms and unpaid warranty work. All savings we make are passed onto our own customers. A car servicing package from Germantech could save you up to 60% on dealership rates.

We constantly monitor the service schedules of all manufacturer marques to ensure the right type of servicing option is recommended. Recommendations are made based on your driving habits, the number of miles you cover and the period between each service. Germantech can service any vehicle without invalidating existing warranties.

Our company also helps you to preserve your full service history. Although we are independent, we are still authorised to stamp your service book. This means that your vehicle retains any future resale value. All servicing is undertaken using premium quality aftermarket parts and the best lubricants available to us.

We feel that it’s only fair to offer our services to a wider audience in the South West London area. If you drive a vehicle that displays a warning icon on the dashboard when servicing is due, we can help. Many of our technicians are dealership-trained and can reset your engine management system as soon as a service has been completed.