Car Servicing for German Vehicle Owners in Sutton

Germantech are based in Raynes Park, approximately 6 miles northwest of the nearby London Borough of Sutton. We have car servicing and MOT testing facilities at our workshop where road users can choose from a complete automotive service range. Our garage is equipped with the latest repair and diagnostic testing technology.

We can provide full and interim car servicing packages to the same standards as main dealership garages in the Wimbledon and Sutton areas. Your service history will be protected, your warranties remain intact and you could save up to 60% on typical rates.

To save even more money, customers from the Sutton area are advised to combine one of our full car servicing packages with MOT testing. We use the same service schedules as dealership garages so the standards of workmanship will always be of a high quality.

Mechanical Repairs on German Cars in the Sutton Area

Germantech can provide repair services on all German marques including the popular Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and VW ranges. All mechanical repairs are performed by skilled technicians who have previously trained at German car main dealerships in the area. We can also repair non-German vehicles on request.

Vehicle owners in Sutton have access to a full range of traditional mechanical repairs but those who have vehicles fitted with an ECU can enjoy a faster, simpler service through our engine management work. Germantech invest heavily into diagnostic equipment approved by all leading German car manufacturers.

Brakes and Clutches Replaced by Germantech

Our mechanical repairs include the replacement of brakes and clutches. If you live in the Sutton area and have noticed a recent change in gear-changing or braking characteristics, we’ll provide a free inspection of important parts whenever you visit our garage. All brakes and clutches used by Germantech are quality OEM equivalents.

Our company provides obligation-free estimates and somebody will always be available to provide any help or advice you may need. We’re a customer-focused and independent company that has full and comprehensive knowledge of the German car repair sector. Call us today on (0208) 545 9850 to talk to one of our representatives.